What has made us the first point of reference for the majority of the Formula 1 team is the speed with which we respond to the problems created by the production of components, both in the prototyping phase and for short production runs.


A prerequisite for this efficiency is the use of CAD/CAM stations, with which we develop in a short period of time all the parts, even those that are particularly complex..


This process is immediately followed by milling, turning, and EDM, which are performed with cutting-edge machine tools that are even able to machine hardened steel and super-alloys.


Our computer programs and our experience allow us to design and produce gear teeth and grooves with straight or involute flanks..


N. 2 Cad Solid Edge stations

N. Cam Esprit stations: 
     Milling 5 Axes–Turning and EDM

N. 1 Cam Hypermill station, 5 axes

N. 1 Software for gear engineering: KISSsoft 2015



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